Jana Wood

Series:  Shifting Light
Medium:  Graphite and Oil Paint on Recycled Rimu Panels

Fulltime Painter for last 2 years
Currently in 3rd year of tutorship with Matthew Browne at Artstation

In my current work I am exploring the use of recycled rimu which, to me, is symbolic of new beginnings.  Deforestation of rimu in this country was extensive, and these latest paintings are loosely depicting the shifting light within our own native bush, where I spend a fair amount of my time walking and observing.

Although my paintings are inspired by the land, I don’t regard myself as a landscape painter as such, I’m more interested in the environment as a whole, rather than any particular geographical place.  It is the mood and atmosphere of a place that captures me, and its history, also how the environment evolves and endures.

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