Linda Gair

Bayswater artist Linda Gair, has in recent years, turned her fascination for expressing the magic play of ‘light’ through Photography, to the medium of paint, after having studied at Elam School of Fine Arts in the 70’s.

As part of furthering this investigation, her more recent ‘vessel’ series has taken this intrigue into a newer ‘RETRO REVIVAL’ phase, currently being experienced from all things DÉCOR, through to all things WEARABLE.  Linda is looking at the clothes we own and wear and even ‘lust’ after, as works of art in themselves!

She has exhibited widely with many works now in fascinating places around the globe. More recently she has exhibited with her son, Spencer Harrington, an ‘urban’ artist currently living and exhibiting in Japan, by working collaboratively on the same artworks with their individual styles.

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